About Us

Hello, guys,

Welcome to todaymobility.com. Today, there are many opportunities for the movement of people with disabilities. As a result, such people can feel more comfortable. However, someone remains completely isolated from the world without technological means of transportation.

The Site Goal

What do sick people need? A person with disabilities or undergoes rehabilitation after a serious injury feels unhappy and isolated. Of course, good, quality equipment for movement is necessary in any case. The mobility scooters and wheelchairs make life easier, convenient, and comfortable. Moving further distances will be possible at any time. So, every man and woman feel like full members of society due to such transport.

The purpose of the site is to help people understand all the confusing information about such vehicles. Its popularity is growing, and unresolved issues remain. Here, you will receive advice and guidance on special rehabilitation tools such as mobility scooters and wheelchairs. What will be interesting for you?

  • Types of scooters;
  • Maximum speed;
  • What determines the speed?
  • How can it be increased?
  • Upgrading mobility scooter batteries;
  • Increasing range;
  • Rules for scooters and wheelchairs;
  • What is the speed limiter?
  • How to remove it?
  • How to replace the battery?
  • And much more.

As you probably understand, there are a lot of interesting unanswered questions about this popular transport. So, read my articles, learn interesting things, and ask questions. I will be happy to help with any ambiguities.

Why Is This Blog Worth Attention?

Unfortunately, some people have been bedridden for years. They cannot walk, and life passes. A wheelchair or mobility scooter will save you such trouble. When a person buys such a vehicle, he/she can face many problems and several difficulties in operation. The instructions do not specify many details and features. So, I will help you find out all the questions that interest you.

About Me

My name is Daniel Raymond. I am 34 years old. Very often, I see people with disabilities. I give them advice on choosing wheelchairs and scooters. So, I decided to help more sick people by sharing information on my blog. I’m going to tell you all the nuances needed when using scooters or wheelchairs.

Where Do I Get the Information From?

I have a friend from my childhood. We both love to play chess on the weekends and eat at my home what I cooked. Cooking is my hobby :).

Many years ago, my friend had a problem. He was suffered from a car accident. As a result, he had a fractured spine and could not walk. Since then, my friend has become isolated from the world, locked himself in his house, and did not want to see anyone, not even me.

At that time, I found a job in a well-known sales retail chain. There was also maintenance of special equipment for people with disabilities. So, I decided to make him a gift – a mobility scooter.

Over time, various questions arose about the malfunction of this tool, its acceleration, and others. I helped him to solve these issues based on my experience. We even did various experiments, replaced the battery, disconnected the speed limiter, and others. For nine years, I have often serviced scooters and wheelchairs. Therefore, I will give you useful advice on many unresolved issues.