Most users of scooters or wheelchairs like to go shopping on this mode of transport. It’s comfy! – You tell. Some scooters are even equipped with special baskets. Therefore, the most common question remains, ‘are mobility scooters allowed in shops?’ According to the established laws, you may enter the building. Can we ride in all cases and every store? What about small shops? In this article, I will try to explain all the unclear issues. So, let’s begin.

Can I Drive to the Store on My Scooter?

Many people with disabilities stay at home because they cannot move on their own or undergo rehabilitation. They need special help from family and friends. Some hire nannies or care nurses. Scooters become great helpers because they allow a person to be a full member of society and move independently.

If you are the owner of such a tool, then you probably like to know many issues. One of them, ‘are mobility scooters allowed in stores’? The answer is simple. Yes, but not always. According to the University of Fraser Valley research, most scooter users go shopping in stores or supermarkets. Nevertheless, not all stores have very large aisles between counters or access to the checkout.

The owners of shops cannot forbid you to enter the vehicle if you can’t go yourself. However, a person has to understand where it is possible and where it is not? Everyone should choose those buildings where normal movement is feasible. Do not forget that you, along with your transport, are equated to the person on foot. So, behave like walkers, moving slowly, and still being too careful and responsible.

A Trip to the Supermarket

Can you use mobility scooters in shops

Have you decided to take transport to a large shopping center? Drive boldly. I meet mobility scooters in supermarkets very often. People adapt to modern life as they are. So, I think it’s great. Of course, you can move freely there, because the area allows you to do so.

Nevertheless, it happens that some supermarkets even have wheelchairs or scooters. Everyone can borrow it. You make purchases in such departments as you need much easier. In some cases, the owners are categorically against your movement on scooters due to various circumstances. For example, too large dimensions of your vehicle will not fit in the hallway between the counters or others.

I once witnessed where the scooter was too big. The driver turned around, and the scooter got stuck between the counters with goods. He knocked many products off the shelves to the floor. And even worse, two buyers tried their best to return the vehicle so that it could move. It was a very unpleasant situation for both the disabled and the other participants.

Therefore, I advise you to contact the store in any case before your first visit supermarket. Thus, you will avoid troubles and unwanted returns home or to other stores.

A Trip to the Local Store

Many people live in areas where there are no supermarkets. So, the question arises, Can you use mobility scooters in shops located in your town? Let’s understand. The owner of such machines must consider many features and rely on their discretion. Pay attention to:

  • The size of your vehicle.
  • Enough space in the store.
  • Wishes and rules of shop owners.

So, based on all these features, you realize that not in all cases you have a chance to go to a local store. If you can walk at least a little, it is better to leave your device on the street. This will make you feel comfy. You can take a stick to assist you in moving. If you have a small vehicle, you may drive on it. However, check this information with the owners or sellers. Perhaps, the shop is not adapted to such machines. Consider anything you need for your satisfaction.

A Few Rules of Conduct on Your Mobility Scooter

Specialized machines are very beneficial for individuals with various disabilities, especially when it is impossible to walk independently. Often, such people do not have the opportunity to go to the store for bread or butter. Riding on specialized vehicles satisfies all needs, including shopping. However, how to behave in the store on a scooter? I will give some tips to help you not only in the store but also in another building.

  • Driving on mobility scooters in the shop should be responsible as on the road. Watch yourself and look in all directions while walking around the store in your vehicle. It would help if you were careful not to cause an accident.
  • Do not overrun the speed. People in stores move very slowly. So, you have to put yourself in their place. It is better to drive at three miles per hour than to knock someone down.
  • Before visiting the store, learn about all the rules of entry there on transport. Every private entrepreneur can set their laws. It is important to know and follow them.
  • You can easily make turns and disperse with pedestrians on a small vehicle. If you own one, then visiting even not very big stores is not a problem for you.


What about Permits to Enter Stores with Wheelchairs?

The rules for users of these vehicles are identical to scooters. Even such chairs can be placed in narrow aisles of shops, and their turns are much more admissible.

What Places Are Categorically Against Wheelchairs & Scooters?

Although some people cannot walk and have to drive, there are still places where they cannot ride. These are some small shops, buses, trams, bus lanes, roads, bike paths, and trains.

Is There a Difference in the Rules of Using Scooters of 2nd & 3rd Classes?

Yes, there are slightly different rules and laws regarding these two classes. Conditions are simpler for 2nd grade. And users of the 3rd class machines have to consider some established needs.

Useful Video

Many individuals utilize their wheelchairs and scooters, especially for purchasing goods. They significantly help to convey products even in stores. Given mobility scooter laws, all buildings with large aisles must allow entry of such vehicles. If your means of transportation is not too large, then ride on them. However, you should check this information before entering the building. Otherwise, you may not even be able to turn around. Will some people carry your transport? Nobody forbids you to know all the nuances. Ask the owners or cashiers and then take action.