Each of us has many questions at the beginning of using any transport. Owners of specialized vehicles also have many unresolved issues. For example, are mobility scooters allowed on the road? How fast can you drive? Every incapable citizen needs to know all the nuances. So, in this paragraph, you will learn the answer. It affects your peace and confidence on the roads.

Where Should I Ride? What Does It Depend on?

Questions about where you can ride a small vehicle are very common. Many people ask if it is possible to drive a mobility scooter on the road, sidewalks, or in shops. Of course, we need to understand all the nuances to avoid unpleasant situations. After all, each state, as you know, can set its own rules. I always think it’s wise to find out the laws of the area where you’re going to drive first. Only then you will be able to feel completely confident in your vehicle.

Depending on the class of your scooter, you are allowed to drive in a particular place. For example, 2nd and 3rd grade differ significantly in driving rules. Their speed is distinctive. The 2nd-grade tool rides 4 miles per hour, and the 3rd grade – 8 miles. So, the first ones can only ride on the pavement. The second may drive on the roads but only in compliance with traffic rules and the presence of all the features. For example, drivers should take into account weight (up to 150 kg), width (0.85 m), speed (up to 8 mph), lights, horns, brakes, and others.

Go on Highway

I think you should first find out what is the class of your scooter, based on my previous words. Most state laws allow the movement of 3-level transport. In turn, you should have other features, affecting the fact that your mobility scooters are road legal. You will not be able to exceed a speed of eight miles, even if your vehicle can go faster. The driver must follow all traffic rules as other drivers. I think that driving on an open track on such scooters is very dangerous. You will not be able to predict various traffic accidents. Diverse events on the roads can significantly affect your health and even your life.

Go on Sidewalks

You can ride on the pavement in any class of transport. However, you cannot:

  • exceed four miles per hour;
  • obstruct the movement of pedestrians;
  • take into account people with baby carriages, etc.

In general, you should behave like a pedestrian due to the culture of behavior, traffic, and road rules for mobility scooters.

Go on Bus Lanes or Bicycle Paths

Only sidewalks and roads are permitted areas for driving. Therefore, it is not necessary to break rules and go by a bus line. The same goes for the bike path. It is not designed for your scooter or wheelchair. The speed and width of your vehicle are not suitable for driving in such special places.

Should I Have a Scooter License?

do I need a license to operate a mobility scooter

Many scooter owners ask, ‘do I need a license to operate a mobility scooter.’ The answer is simple – No! However, it’s not in all cases. The speed of such means of transportation is very low. Therefore, the license is unnecessary for any class of scooter. Despite this, some states require such a license to travel on the road.

Registration is required. I had a case where the police stopped the old man on a scooter and checked his registration. I advise everyone to take short training courses before driving. Haven’t you driven any vehicles yet? Learn online about such courses. They will be useful for you.

US States Laws for Mobility Scooters

Almost all states have similar mobility scooter laws. However, sometimes there are differences, for example, in the availability of a license, driving on sidewalks or roads. I made a table where I listed all states with the laws of the motorized vehicle.

USA State Laws
Alabama License

A helmet

Alaska License


Arizona Liability insurance

Registration and license

Arkansas Scooter license

A helmet to 21 years

California Registration

License plate

Colorado Without a license

A helmet to 18 years

Connecticut Go on the right side

No riding on the sidewalks

No license or registration

Delaware Driver’s license
Florida No license

No registration

Georgia Drivers license


Hawaii License

Minimum insurance

Idaho Driver’s license
Illinois IL driver’s license
Indiana It is forbidden to ride on sidewalks, footpaths, interstate highways
Iowa Registration
Kansas Registration

State driver’s license

Kentucky License plate


Louisiana State driver’s license

It is forbidden to ride on sidewalks, footpaths, interstate highways

Maine State driver’s license


Maryland Driver’s license or permit


Massachusetts Registration


Michigan Without a license


Minnesota Registration


Mississippi Registration
Missouri Scooter’s license
Montana Registration


Nebraska Driver’s licenses


Nevada Driving license
New Hampshire Driver’s or scooter license


New Jersey License



New Mexico No license

No registration

New York Driver’s license


North Carolina Registration


North Dakota Registration


Ohio Registration

License plate

Oklahoma Registration

No drive on highways

Oregon Without registration
Pennsylvania Driver’s license
Rhode Island Driver’s license


South Carolina Driver’s license


South Dakota Without registration
Tennessee License


Texas Registration
Utah Registration
Vermont Registration
Virginia License plate


Washington Driver’s license

License plate

West Virginia Registration

A helmet

Wisconsin Registration

You can’t drive on the road

Wyoming No state-wide regulations

Hence, mobility scooters are allowed on the road in most US states. Some states sort all motorized transport into one type – motor-driven cycles. Others have differences in the presence of registration, license, insurance, helmets, etc.


There are different laws in all states regarding many details. However, the rules of general use on the road or sidewalk are virtually unchanged. The mobility scooters can go on the road in almost all states if they have the right category and move at the right speed.