When we have some electrical appliances, we charge them, don’t we? The same applies to electric vehicles. However, very often, different situations occur. For example, we need to go somewhere in an hour or two on our scooter. We notice that it is discharged. However, we do not have a specialized charger. The car battery is at hand. And then the question arises, ‘Can I use a car battery on a mobility scooter? Such an interesting question is relevant. Owners of mobility vehicles should find out the answer about the harm or benefit of using.

Car Battery for Mobility Scooter – Use or Not to Use?

Very often, questions about the possible replacement of scooter accumulators with car ones appear on the forums. Many people ask how many volts is a scooter battery. The number of volts may be similar. However, their power is significantly different, as is the power of the vehicles themselves and their engines.

As you know, cars have more powerful engines and much heavier accumulators. Therefore, I advise you to think about these features. Scooters are not designed to withstand this power and can fail. In the worst case, the engine may explode. Do you want that? I think no.

Car Battery for Mobility Scooter

So, I would not use car batteries in mobility scooters. I do not see any good influence from such actions. Let’s take a deeper look at the differences between such accumulators.

What’s the Difference in Accumulator for Car and Scooter

Scooters are weaker and less suitable for such powerful devices. Its accumulators supply the engine with periodic long low currents. In contrast, automobiles have a different effect. They have a strong current and give it short flashes. If you are going to do this, you may need to upgrade mobility scooter batteries quickly. In addition, car accumulators can have significantly more volts (12-15 or more). I suggest getting acquainted at the table with the greatest differences of both.

Differences in Accumulators

Too much high current in a short time Direct low current for a long time
It has an average of 13 volts and more It has an average of 12 volts
High power Less power
Larger size Smaller size
Larger capacity Smaller capacity

I know artisans who manage to adjust the battery from the car to put it in a scooter. However, I consider such actions dangerous. As I said before, an explosion can be inevitable. Therefore, I do not even recommend charging with such devices.

There was a situation when my friend witnessed an engine explosion. How did it happen?

A man living in the neighborhood decided to utilize his car battery to a mobility scooter. He adjusted it according to the requirements of the scooter. Unfortunately, when he started the engine, it exploded right in front of my friend. Can you imagine? Fortunately, the neighbor was not badly injured. However, the danger was very great. Do you know why this happened?

Scooter batteries are less powerful, and engines are much lighter. They can consist of a completely different number of ingredients. That’s why I always say ‘No’ when I hear the question ‘What is the possibility of using a car accumulator?’ Nevertheless, if you ask ‘Can I charge my scooter battery with a car charger’, I think that you can. I advise you to assume about your actions. Not everything can always end as you plan. You can try charging your battery in other ways.

Charging Without a Specialized Device – How to Do It?

According to research by B. J. Daveler, Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, each type of battery has its differences and even charges in a various number of hours. So, how can I charge my mobility scooter battery without a charger? This question is probably one of the most sought-after among scooter owners. I want to share with you a few ways to address this issue. I often do them myself and see the result.

So, what should you do first? First, you must remove the battery from the vehicle. I think you will find a way to do such an action. After that, you need to turn it off because all the wires can cause a lot of trouble. Then, find a dry place where you can put it and take the next steps.

  1. Do you have a car at home? Maybe your neighbor has? Find a portable car jumper. There are two wires of different colors. Connect them to your battery, red to the positive, black to the negative. After, you need to turn on the jumper and wait 20 minutes. This is approximately the amount of time you will need for full charging mobility scooter batteries with a car charger. When finished, repeat all the steps in reverse order.
  2. If you have a universal power adapter at home, it will help you. You can buy it if you do not have such a tool. It’ll charge any electrical appliance. You need to take a few steps. First, connect the wires, as in the case of a car jumper. Then adjust the 4.20V / cell of voltage and 20% of energy. When you see that the current is 3%, then charging is complete.

As you probably know, scooters have different accumulators. So, each can have their way of charging. You can’t adjust everything to one line. Try one of the methods above if you do not have a specialized charger for a scooter battery. In addition, I recommend wearing protective gloves and even goggles in case of an outbreak.

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Every owner of an electric vehicle probably understands that he must treat all the details responsibly. The battery is one of the most important components. It affects the ability to drive fast and needs constant charging. Therefore, you should study the correct charging process. Otherwise, you will damage your device or even make it completely inoperable. In this article, you learned about many issues. For instance, can you charge a mobility scooter with a battery from a car? How to carry out such a process without a special device? Is it possible to fully install a car battery? I hope my tips have been helpful to you. Try to do everything right, and you will utilize your vehicle for a long time and without problems.