The weather is unpredictable at all times of the year. Most often, it surprises us with sudden rains and thunderstorms on a hot summer day. Sometimes, we don’t even know where the raining clouds come from, do we? And what to do when we left home on our mobility scooter? Can you ride a mobility scooter in the rain at all? How to behave in the rain, and how to protect our vehicles from damage? As you can see, there are a lot of questions. Let’s find out the answers in this article.

Is It Worth Going in the Rain on Mobility Scooter?

When I hear the question, can mobility scooters get wet, it makes me laugh. Of course, such vehicles can easily get wet, especially in heavy rain. This vehicle is completely different from a car, isn’t it? Most manufacturers do not advise taking risks and drive in bad weather. Otherwise, you may later have problems with electronics. Also, you can buy protective covers. It will still be able to protect electronics, battery, and even you at least a little.

Besides, the road is slippery during the rain. So, you probably understand that you need to be more careful with your mobility scooter in rain. Physical therapist Dave Colescott gives some advice on riding a specialized vehicle. In rainy weather, he advises driving at a stable speed and avoid puddles. You may not see the depth of the puddle and damage yourself and your vehicle.

My friend rarely leaves the house in the rain. However, sometimes he returns home with the rain. You know, he constantly carries a cover in any weather. I also advise you to buy at least some protective cover, because it can come in handy at any time.

I doubt you will be able to drive a mobility scooter in the rain at your usual speed. You will move slower in the rain to avoid danger. Therefore, your scooter or wheelchair will ride fewer miles than in good weather. It can carry you, so following a calm smooth ride without sudden movements is an important rule.

Rain Protection Tips

can mobility scooters get wet

Riding on a rainy road or sidewalk can be dangerous at any time. You may lose control and get hurt. Of course, your vehicle may also be affected. The scooter is motorized and electric. So, the rain will ruin a mobility scooter and all its important parts. Too much moisture is not good for such transport. In addition, you may later see signs of corrosion. It will be unpleasant, won’t it? What should you do? I will give you some important tips.

  • Avoid driving on uneven surfaces, stone paths, and pits.
  • Drive at a moderate pace, do not chase, and do not make sharp movements.
  • Wear a rain cape or cover on your vehicle and yourself.
  • When soaking the scooter, be sure to wipe all parts with a towel. Dry it in a warm place and check for serviceability.
  • When it rains, try to hide from it with your scooter. If you do not have specialized coverage, then your mobility scooter is not rainproof. If there is a shop nearby where you can drive your vehicle, then go ahead.
  • Remember about the tiller cover. It will be useful and helpful in the rain.
  • You will stop much longer like a car. Calculate the stopping distance.

So, follow all my advice to avoid danger. Drive slower and be cautious.

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Wrapping Up

Rain can be a nuisance for people who are unable to walk. I advise you not to leave the house in such rainy weather on your scooters or chairs without an urgent need. The road is slippery, the engine can fail, the battery can get stuck, and more. If necessary, take a specialized wet weather cover for a mobility scooter. At home, be sure to inspect the battery, charging port, or other important parts. Wipe them with a dry cloth. And most importantly, be careful on the road.