Mobility scooters are very necessary nowadays for many people. Elderly people with physical disabilities or rehabilitation periods can safely move to different parts of the city on such vehicles. That’s great, of course. However, often a person can get into an accident, break or get into another unpleasant situation. They occur even in compliance with all traffic rules. Therefore, many questions arise during the ride. In this article, we will learn about policies. Do mobility scooters need insurance? What are the types and benefits? So let’s go.

How Do I Understand the Importance of Insuring My Scooter?

The issue of property insurance often arises after the first accident. When we spend money from our own pockets on transport repairs, we think about the future. Will insurance cover mobility scooters? This question interests us alternately. After all, we are thinking about whether we should buy the policy if it does not cover the losses in full.

In most cases, companies must indemnify. But it all depends on many factors. The type of damage and the conditions of the firm is important in any situation. Your company may not be able to compensate for some damage. Therefore, you have to find out about all the conditions and requirements before purchasing an insurance service.

In addition, there are no road tax costs on mobility scooters, no matter what class of scooter you own. Be that as it may, the policy is too important in my opinion. And you need to understand exactly what insurance you want. After all, concerning such specialized vehicles, you can distinguish two types. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

What Types of Insurance Should You Know?

mobility scooters insurance requirements

The law does not necessarily require insurance. However, such solutions are best for you. The owner will receive money in various cases or compensation for damage caused to another pedestrian. Besides, different companies offer various prices. So, I advise you to compare the market mobility scooter insurance. You can purchase monthly or annual policies. In the latter case, the price is lower than buying it for months separately. I have given in the table the types and approximate annual prices.

Type Meaning Price per Year
Liability insurance It covers accidental domestic injuries, damage to other pedestrians. From 50$ – 150$ and more.
Property repair insurance


It covers damage caused by accidents on the road, thefts, severe breakdowns, etc. From 2000$ – 10000$ and more.

So, based on the above information, you can buy two policies. In the first case, the company reimburses situations that you may have caused to someone.

  • Ran into a pedestrian’s foot;
  • Pushed a person with your vehicles;
  • Wounded someone;
  • Damaged other people’s property and many others.

Of course, you can harm unintentionally, but the injured can sue you. Under this situation, insurance companies can reimburse that person instead of you.

With the second type of insurance, you can reimburse the damage caused to your vehicle and you. Example:

  • You are in an accident;
  • Your vehicle broke down in the middle of the road (you can return home with the help of insurance);
  • Your scooter was stolen.

These are the approximate cases in which electric mobility scooters require insurance. Various situations on the road can happen at any time. You just have to be sure that your company covers the losses that you have. I would advise you to note every agreement in writing form. Written terms will ultimately help to avoid various misunderstandings.

cheapest mobility scooter insurance

One man once came to my store for certain goods to his scooter. Of course, I asked what happened because the parts were not cheap. So, he got into an accident in which he was not guilty. He even had insurance, but, unfortunately, only a liability policy. Therefore, it did not cover the cost of repairing the scooter.

Mobility scooters are not a cheap pleasure. So, probably, the insurance will help everyone to recoup at least a little money in case of severe damage. Some companies even refund stolen goods. Just be careful when concluding contracts with the company.

Is Insurance Compulsory?

Acquisition of mobility scooter insurance in the USA is optional but recommended. Many scooter companies and suppliers recommend buying it to be more confident in the future. I think you are probably well aware of the situation on the roads. Sometimes pedestrians suffer much more than drivers of vehicles. If your scooter is a 2nd class, then you are also considered a pedestrian. You may harm someone through negligence and vice versa.

It will be annoying when you can’t ride your scooter in the shop and break some detail, right? You will have to reimburse the damage yourself. But in the case of even the cheapest mobility scooter insurance, you can be completely calm. Nevertheless, there are certain nuances:

  • In some cases, when you buy a scooter on credit, its suppliers may require insurance from you.
  • If you buy a vehicle with the help of health insurance companies, then you cannot do without a
  • If you buy a used product or a new one at your own expense, no one will force you to insure it. It will be entirely your decision.

In most states, mobility scooters are not tax-deductible. You are free to drive according to the road rules and according to the areas allowed by your class. If you are afraid of your vehicle for possible breakdowns, theft, or harm to another person, then think about insurance. Policies for two or three years are much cheaper.

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Those who have health problems, especially the inability to walk, often suffer from constant loneliness. Mobility scooters help to get rid of this feeling. However, anyone can become a victim. Even when going on a pedestrian crossing, there are accidents, right? Currently, you can’t find laws or mobility scooters insurance requirements regarding its imposition. However, in most cases, such policies are considered recommended. Do you want to repair your vehicle without problems or get help with its theft? I find it helpful to protect your scooter and yourself from problems.