I often meet people who have limited opportunities for movement. The use of various specialized vehicles greatly simplifies the lives of these individuals. The mobility scooters are a great helper for invalids and people in need of simple and reliable transport. Do you wait for the bus to work every day? Do you walk to the store for shopping? This technical device will come in handy. It greatly facilitates the movement of people with disabilities. Besides, it is economical, safe, and fast. In this article, you will learn how fast do mobility scooters go.

What is the Speed of Mobility Scooter

Many people with disabilities stay at home or do not leave the house for many years. Of course, if walking is difficult or even impossible, then what to do? The mobility scooter is a great solution in such situations. First of all, it does not always require driving licenses. People can drive both on the roads and the sidewalks. Besides, they have a set speed limit that adds safety when driving. According to research by the University of Fraser Valley, the popularity of such scooters is growing.

How fast can a mobility scooter go

How fast can a mobility scooter go? Depending on the model, speeds can vary from one to ten miles per hour. The average rate for most models is four miles. For some people, this speed is ideal, while others want to drive faster. In my opinion, people with disabilities should follow a low speed. Despite the availability of security enhancements, you may still be involved in an accident.

The situation on the roads may be different. Similarly, each person has their reaction. Some people will react and maneuver quickly, while others will confuse and hurt. Therefore, if the speed is moderate, you may drive more easily. I made a chart comparing the approximate number of miles of different speed scooters.

Speed Mile / Hour
Fast 7+
Average 3-6
Slow 1-3

The fastest mobility scooter can develop a speed of up to 15-18 miles per hour. The slowest vehicle moves at a speed of one mile. It’s funny, but it’s still better to sit and ride on the street than to be in the house, isn’t it? Also, I do not recommend people with disabilities to walk in rainy or snowy weather. The road becomes slippery and dangerous. Such conditions often make it impossible to manage. However, if the weather conditions are normal and you feel that your vehicle is moving slowly, speed it up.

How to Speed up the Movement of a Mobility Scooter?

Scooters are quite affordable today and have many benefits. Everyone can operate it easily and gain good speed. Each model differs in power from 300 to 800 W. However, sometimes you may feel that your vehicle has slowed down. I have some tips that will help a little to add speed. Nevertheless, if your model can move a maximum of 4-5 miles, you do not surpass it. So let’s look at a few features to make a mobility scooter go faster.

Look at the Battery

Scooters are comfortable and surprisingly environmentally friendly for the modern world. They do not need fuel and run on batteries without polluting the environment. Each model can have a different capacity and type of battery. As well as other devices working from electricity, it slows down the work at a small charge.

So, try to charge your vehicle before each departure on it. If charging does not help, then apparently, the battery is old. I would advise in this case to change it for a new one. It’s not too expensive compared to a new scooter. Still, the new battery will significantly increase speed. You can even buy a battery with more power and capacity. However, in this case, see if your model can support it.

Lots of Cargo

mobility scooter speed limiter removal

Scooters are useful for people who often go far for shopping. Of course, transportation of bags is easier than carrying them in your hands. However, excessively large loads will significantly reduce the speed of the vehicle. If you need to go to work faster or somewhere else, try to free the electric scooter from excess cargo.

Speed Limiters Installation

Some cars have speed limiters installed. They exist to provide people with security confidence. But, of course, it is not eternal. You have the option to delete it. The mobility scooter speed limiter removal adds quickness.

Nevertheless, I do not recommend doing so under any circumstances. This way, you will put yourself or your relatives in danger. Moreover, at high speed, a possible loss of control on the road becomes real. Also, you won’t have a guarantee after such an act.

Care and Inspection

Any machine needs regular inspection by specialists. Very often, rust or corrosion on the battery reduces the normal operation, function, and transport speed. However, I advise you not to neglect service. It is simple and inexpensive but will provide a longer service life and increasing speed.

Useful Video

Still don’t know how to simplify your trip to work? Can’t you walk on your own? A wheelchair is not the only means of transportation for the disabled today. I believe that the manufacturers of mobility scooters have tried very hard to facilitate the lifestyle and movement of many individuals. If you already have a scooter for yourself, do not exceed the speed limit. This rule will be useful for your safety. Each 4 or 3 wheel mobility scooter has its own set of speeds. Some may move more slowly, others very quickly. Try to adapt to your capabilities and properties.