When we buy a new wheelchair, we do not think about its service life. Nevertheless, many questions occur when the battery starts to discharge quickly. Especially we start to think how long does electric wheelchair battery last. The accumulators of this specialized vehicle are significantly different from other types. They gradually release energy evenly over a longer period. Has the deadline come to an end? Maybe, there are some other problems. So, let’s find out about accumulator life, various tips, and more.

Electric Wheelchair Battery Types

Very often, wheelchair owners come to us to choose accumulators. They ask many questions. Which is the best type? How long does it take to charge this or that model? Which is more affordable in terms of operation and price? These issues are important, and I always treat them responsibly. I understand that the prices are quite high. Not every person can buy such a spare part every month. How to select the one suitable for your transport among all models? To answer this question, we still ought to compare the kinds.

Wheelchairs have two sorts of charging power chair batteries. Some work from AGM models and others from GEL. What is their difference? I made a table with the features of both. Let’s understand.

Better adapted to full discharge. Require constant recharging.
More expensive Cheaper
Has a large number (more than 200) of charge-discharge cycles. Has approximately 200 charge-discharge cycles.

Thus, the biggest difference is in the electrolyte and its immobility. Both are equally sealed. You do not have to put a lot of effort into care or maintenance. Several charge cycles are of great importance. This feature affects the life and lifespan of the accumulator. As far as you understand, gels are much more powerful in their work.

Many of our customers have changed their models for gel and are satisfied. My friend says that he can even go up to full discharge on a gel model. But after charging, he calmly starts the engine and sees no problem. Nevertheless, it is harder to say that about another model or type. Although looking at the price, you will understand what you can count on.

How Often Should I Charge My Power Wheelchair?

How Often Should I Charge My Power Wheelchair?

The battery of the chair has approximately the same number of charge hours as mobility scooters. In general, this time is from eight hours or more. There are also batteries that charge time is only five hours. The manufacturers have installed special indicators so that the owners know about the full charge.

The accumulator does not charge after filled energy. I do not recommend leaving it on because it can still hurt. However, sometimes, we think about how often we should do such a process. From my experience, the owner needs to charge it every day. If you drive constantly, then you should remember this.

My friend tries to connect the vehicle to the power grid at night. He doesn’t want to stay inside all day. The wheelchair battery will not charge for an hour. During this time, you may only recharge it and not for long. If you ride infrequently, then recharge the tool perhaps 1-2 times a week. A wheelchair travels a large number of miles if it is fully charged.

If you do not know how many hours your vehicle takes to charge, then you should look at the instructions. Maybe, you will find recommendations there. However, I often advise buyers to ask questions directly to the manufacturers. There is also a lot of information on the Internet. I don’t think you will have any problems.

My acquaintance, who was carrying his mother in a wheelchair, once forgot to recharge the vehicle. Fortunately, there was a gel accumulator. It is less vulnerable to complete discharges. So, the next morning, of course, his mother was at home. However, everything is fine with the chair.

I often came across complaints on the forums that the wheelchair battery is not holding charge. One of my answers is that people did not charge properly. Yes, the procedure requires compliance with certain rules. However, if you do, at least, a little more by the rules, then the condition of your battery will be satisfactory for a long time. Let’s learn a few basic points of care.

How to Care and Charge? What Do I Need to Know?

Every subject has a period of good work. An accumulator is a detail that can fail even very quickly. Some period after using your chair, you may see a lower level of performance. For example, a slower movement may indicate that the battery needs to be charged. In addition, the red light also indicates that you should not go without recharging. But is everything as simple as it seems? Is it time to replace the battery with a new one?

wheelchair battery will not charge

The service life of a 12-volt power wheels battery of both kinds can be at least six months. However, on average, they last for 2-3 years. Of course, some models last up to six years. It all depends on the quality of the model and proper care. So, owners need to review some basic care rules. What may assist the battery in the last longer?

  • Charging at night
  • At least 50%
  • Room temperature
  • Full discharge
  • Specialized device
  • Charging, more than needed

Let’s look at all these points in more detail.

Charging at night

Maybe you think when it is better to do charging wheelchair batteries. If you drive all day, then I advise you to make it a habit to put your chair in the socket every night. It takes a full eight hours. I sometimes propose to charge every night even if you have not ridden it. So, charging at night is an ideal option. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the traffic without stopping the next day. I think it’s worth a try, and you’ll be much better later.

At least 50%

You may be depriving your vehicle of energy too much. You should do this procedure constantly. Besides, wheelchair batteries have one property. The more you recharge it, the more cycles it gets. Another thing, I would not recommend leaving the house with a lower charge than 50%. The accumulator starts to drain too quickly at just low percentages. If you do not want to come home with a dead wheelchair battery, then take care of charging it more than half.

Room temperature

The temperature of the room where you charge your device should not be too high and not frosty. Batteries are afraid of heat and frost. I do not recommend keeping a chair in a cold garage on charge. In addition, sudden temperature changes are also too bad for such electric vehicles. In such cases, the battery may discharge too quickly even after full power.

Full discharge

Wheelchairs or scooters are like second legs for owners. Batteries are an important part, so it is momentous to support them properly. The main thing is to monitor the power and charge it constantly. It is very bad to keep your vehicle to the lowest level and even to zero. You kill the accumulator too much and speed up its life in general. In addition, the capacity also decreases significantly after such situations. I think you should take into account it if you also make such mistakes.

Specialized device

Using a dedicated charger will solve any wheelchair battery problems. You won’t be able to charge such accumulators with any device. Such parts can burn completely from experiments. Do you want that? Have you already bought a chair and charging is not included? I think it is worth buying. A good device will do its job quickly. It will not damage the parts. Yes, some say that do it with a car charger. I think it’s best to have a primary purpose device.

Charging, more than needed

I constantly emphasize that keeping the accumulator in the mains is also not a very good option. I advise you to turn it off immediately after full power. You will probably see green on the device. It is a sign of a completed process. Of course, if you’ll wait one hour (for example, while you still sleep) then nothing bad will happen. However, some individuals are too lazy to unplug it. They think it’s safe. Especially, when a person does not need to go somewhere. I advise you to drive during the day, charge at night, and turn off the device in the morning. Yes, your battery will be much longer in good condition at your disposal.

If you do not charge properly, then your battery stops working very quickly. I don’t think you want to speed up the process of buying a new expensive spare part.

Useful Video

The scooters and chairs just serve some period as the other transport. I have already checked that the accumulator affects this time. How long do wheelchair batteries last? The accumulator can last you from one and a half to two years. Of course, you should take care of your vehicle and pay special attention to charging. If you do it properly, then the service life will be longer. So, do not overdo it because you have to change too expensive parts of transport very often. I don’t think you want to spend extra money all the time.