When we buy vehicles for the disabled, we may be interested in many questions. We worry about battery capacity, top speed, or comfort seats. However, the question, ‘How much does a standard wheelchair weigh?’ does not immediately come to mind. Why do we need its weight? There is a situation when we have to travel by train or even fly a plane, then such a question becomes important. In this article, I tell you about different kinds of wheelchairs and their weight.

The Variety of Chairs: What’s the Weight?

Each transport has its characteristics. Some remedies are lighter, others are too heavy. I can’t say the exact answer on how much does a power wheelchair weighs. According to the International journal of scientific & technology research, various models and chairs differ in their burden. Thus, they are adapted to different individuals by mass.

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Where can you find information about the heaviness of your model? If you need to know that, I advise you to look in the instructions. Manufacturers have probably specified such a parameter. Each model can have distinctive meanings. After all, even the lightest chair varies due to the manufacture of different materials. I will indicate in the chart approximately how much the most common kind weighs.

Wheelchair Weight/ pounds
Lightweight 13 to 40
Transport 20 to 50
Manual 20 to 60
Heavy-duty manual 42 to 70
Heavy-duty electric 200 to 350
Reclining 50 to 70
Tilt in Space 30 to 80
Standing 56 to 110+
Motorized 50 to 250
Electric 150 to 250

As a rule, there are spare parts in the heaviest chairs that add a lot of weight. For example, the large capacity of the battery affects its size and load. I once weighed it and saw that its mass was 27.7 lbs. The stroller weighed 150 pounds together. Add a seat, wheels, and motor. That is, all the components together form a single whole. Some people are not even interested in the topic’s subject until they have to go somewhere to the hospital or another place by car. However, it is significant. Let’s analyze a few facts.

Notable Facts & Why Is Weight Matter?

how much does a power wheelchair weighs

Often, we do not think about such little features as weight. However, as a rule, every detail plays a significant role. I had faced several times with situations when I helped a disabled person to get on a trolleybus. The wheelchair is standard, however, with heavy-duty properties, and it weighs too much, about 60 pounds. I managed to cope with another man. A disabled person with a substantial weight sat on the chair. Can you contrive?

It is worth choosing transport for your needs if you go to work every day on secondary wheels like bus, train or other. After all, weight plays a big role in many cases. Let’s look at some features.

  • If the chair is light, then it is easier for the disabled person to control it. Everyone may feel pain in the muscles and arms if the chair is too heavy. In addition, a lightweight wheelchair that weighs less goes much faster. The mobility scooter’s speed is higher when it does not have too much load.
  • The weight is contingent not only on the model but on many nuances. For example, each seat, frame, footrest, or spare part can be made of distinct materials. They are light or heavy metal. Therefore, the weight of the vehicle is not at all similar.
  • A lightweight machine is a preferable variant for people who need to be constantly on the move. They are comfortable to control manually due to their weight. Besides, you can easily transport them in the trunk because some options are easy to fold. Depending on the materials, it can weigh from 13 pounds to 40. However, this weight is very light.
  • A transport wheelchair is not a very convenient option for the disabled person because he or she is still tied to the caregiver. Only another person can carry the patient. Their mass is also negligible so that you may load it into the car, bus, train easily.
  • The wheelchair seat should fit its owner in size and weight too. Some vehicles are not designed to carry people who are too heavy. Parts can be weak and break under arduous load. So, consider my reservations before buying.
  • Do you like to walk, work or travel long distances and do not depend on other transport? I often advise such people to utilize a motorized wheelchair, although they weigh much more. You can ride on your own without straining your arms. Why are they heavy? They are more technically complex, have a motor and a battery. Such parts increase the mass. So, they can be as much as 250 pounds. It will be very difficult for you to transport them, but why? You can get to your destination by yourself.
  • What about other types of weight? It all depends on the details, parts, battery capacity, and so on. The electric wheelchair can weigh both 150 and 250 pounds. I advise you to pay attention to the models weighing 100 -150 pounds. This weight is ideal for movement and even for transportation.

As you understand the weight of transport affects many reasons. In any case, you should adapt to your needs and capabilities. For people with weak arm muscles, even the lightest model can cause discomfort, especially if they drive all day. But if you put a chair in the car every time, then heavy electric transport won’t be a good option.

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Wheelchairs are a must for many people. Of course, not everyone can sit in the house because life can completely lose its meaning. When there is a demand to move or relocate such transport, we need to know the weight. Therefore, it may be different for each kind. For heavy-duty manual wheelchairs, it can be up to 70 pounds, and for electric ones, even reach 350 pounds. The instructions for your vehicles must contain information on this matter. Therefore, be sure to read and learn from the manufacturers.