Quick answer: from $10,000 to $40,000.

Although the electric wheelchair can travel quite a long distance, sometimes it is necessary to drive in a car. It is difficult to rearrange a disabled person in your arms constantly, isn’t it? What to do if the car is not equipped for lifting on a chair? Today, there are many ways to re-equip a van and make it comfortable to ride with a wheelchair. As you understand, everything is worth the money. In this article, you will find out the value. So, how much does it costs to make a van wheelchair accessible? What to expect in the recycling process? Let’s go.

What Affects the Price of Van Conversion?

Sometimes, the question arises of whether the wheelchair will go as far as it should. If you are sure that your battery has a large capacity, it will last quite a long time. But if, for example, you work far enough or just go to another city on business? So, many people are thinking about converting a van to wheelchair accessible.

Very different types of minibusses exist today. However, only a few sorts can be suitable for recycling. My acquaintances tried to convert the Ford. Some models are suitable for such transformations. Mercedes and a Dodge can be suitable for such a case too. You must take into account the height of the cabin, the width of the door. The owner of the vans should think that a disabled person cannot sit properly in a chair if the ceiling is pressed too hard. Therefore, a very low interior of the bus will not fit at all.

converting a van to wheelchair accessible

In general, the price can be as 10 thousand dollars and 30 or 40 thousand. The cost can be even more expensive. If you want to maximize your transportation, then you can spend a lot of money. Van owners put extra seats to accommodate more passengers. Some people put a very heavy sturdy ramp by cutting the floor and installing it. Others do not install too large and do not even remove the seat. So, all value depends on the quality and price of wheelchair van conversion kits and the person’s needs.

Does Entry Influence Cost?

There are two options for installing a ramp: side or rear. This location depends on the characteristics of the bus.

  • Side entry – means that the ramp is attached to the side.
  • Rear entry – installation takes place at the back because the door is located there.
  • Sometimes, people in wheelchairs want to install lifts on the driver’s side.

Specialists may have to remove the seat to make a free arrival for the chair. However, they can put some narrower chairs at the request of the owner.

Some argue that retrofitting the rear entrance is much cheaper than the side. Of course, if the door opens at the back, all you have to do is attach the ramp. Well, you may have to take off some seats. Nevertheless, the situation can be more complicated from the side of the cabin. Therefore, the van wheelchair ramp installation cost higher.

Tips for Those Who Want to Change Van for a Wheelchair

van wheelchair ramp installation cost

  1. If you decide to create even more conditions for full traffic everywhere, then you should choose the right transport. Measure the height of the cabin and your chair. You do not want to ride with your head down constantly, don’t you?
  2. Think carefully about all the modifications. From which side should you make changes, sideways or behind? In addition, you should decide whether to lower the floor or raise the roof. Which seats should you pick up and which to replace?
  3. Maybe you want to drive a car yourself? Then you should look at the various steering devices, brakes, and others. In all these cases, you should consult with experts.
  4. Think also about automation. It is better if the ramp is lowered automatically. So, you will be comfortable getting up and down from the car.

Who Can Assist Me?

If you have no idea and skills how to do it, then do not take risks. You can find many companies that specialize in a wheelchair van conversion, searching on the internet. I think they will help to make the planned changes quickly. When choosing a company, check its guarantees, reputation, promises, and reviews. Experts will understand many issues related to recycling:

  • What vans seats should they remove;
  • Which entry to do – rear or side;
  • Which ramp is more profitable to use;
  • Pick up all the other sets.

Thanks to such transformation processes, you will be able to enjoy life and travel with family or friends anywhere. It is so important to feel the freedom of movement for people, who are forever chained to a chair, isn’t it?

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Wrapping Up

The wheelchair weighs a lot, especially the electric one. Therefore, if you need to move it to the car, someone may have a problem. Is there a person in your family who is in a wheelchair for the rest of his / her life? It is much more convenient to have a special van with a ramp. The wheelchair van conversion cost is quite high. However, it is for a long period of life both, for your benefit and your loved ones.