When you see people in wheelchairs, you begin to think about the value of good health and movement. We do not even believe that these people have many questions in the process of moving on wheels. The issue ‘how to get someone in a wheelchair up & down the stairs’ is also no less important. Is it possible to do it yourself? Should you have an assistant? Let’s learn all curious information from this article.

Go Down & Up the Stairs Safely

Do you take the elevator to the apartment every day? As you know, everything happens in life. You may get into a situation that the elevator is faulty. However, you are in a wheelchair. What to do? Everyone can get confused, not knowing how to get a wheelchair up a curb or flight of stairs. You don’t want to fall and hurt yourself even more, do you?

I advise you not to worry. You need to know a few simple ways to handle the chair. Of course, you can’t do without helpers. If you have a phone, you should contact family or friends. It is desirable to have two assistants. They will help to do such a thing safer. Then, the wheelchair will go through the steps confidently in the right way.

Guidance on How to Overcome the Movement on the Stairs

The disabled person is not always accompanied by a nanny who will help to go down or up. It is good if the stairs are equipped with special rails for easy movement. However, in some cases, you have to go straight to them. It is simply necessary to utilize help in such situations. In addition, the weight of some chairs is too much to carry in your hands. So, how to get a wheelchair up a flight of stairs, sidewalk, curb, or threshold or go down from them?

Let’s Go Up

How to Get Someone in a Wheelchair Up the Stairs

First, be prepared for action:

  • At least two people would be the preferable option.
  • It is worth getting rid of excess cargo. For example, you can drop backpacks, tippers, bags, etc.
  • Talk to the person in the wheelchair. Find out if he/she is afraid of slopes or climbs.

After that, you can continue the wheelchair upstairs. Turn the back to the steps. One of two people touches the handles. I believe this place is for a stronger helper. He must constantly pull each time up a step. Besides, the first assistant should tilt the machine slightly and take the burden. Another man clings to the fixed parts in front of the headmost wheels. This helper should push it to the top.

If you do not have a special chair to carry the elderly upstairs, you should not risk yourself. Call someone else. This will be safer for both you and the patient. The movement of both persons must be equable and coordinated. At the same time, do not forget to ask sick individuals about their health.

Let’s Go Down

How to Get Someone in a Wheelchair Down the Stairs

Be sure to consider the preparation process that I indicated sooner. You ought to carry a disabled person downstairs as in the case of lifting. Everything happens in the same order. The stronger man gets behind the transport and the weaker one in front. Besides, some parts are movable. Keep that in mind, and don’t cling to them.

All movements should be smooth, avoiding jumps. Remember that you are helping the elderly or unhealthy downstairs. We’re not talking about the transport itself, are we? I would advise the person at the top to give commands regarding the rearrangement of the wheels. Thus, you will avoid bouncing and will easily slide the wheels on the stairs.

Useful Video

Let’s Wrap Up!

Some stairs are equipped with specialized lifts, wheelchair-up ramps, platforms, and more. Such equipment helps to move up / down more safely. However, you should try hard not to fall if you can’t see such additional tools. Going on stairs is a very dangerous activity for people who do not have the opportunity to walk independently. Do not risk doing such things yourself. You need to think about a stair assistant and not even one. Be careful in any case. Write to me, and I will be happy to answer any issue.