Anyone who has health problems in the legs feels significant relief when getting a powered wheelchair. Of course, such transport helps to cope with the task of walking independently where you need. As you know, all equipment sometimes fails. Especially this concerns electric vehicles. The question arises of how to reset a power wheelchair in case of failure. Do you have a person with a disability at home? Do you manage such a tool yourself? Then I think this article will be useful for you. We will talk about safe use and troubleshooting.

Why Doesn’t Your Wheelchair Work? – Causes & Solutions

Chairs or scooters for people with sore feet are very popular. One in four adults suffers from an inability to walk according to the CDC. However, the constant lack of time, neglect of care rules, and postponement of periodic maintenance lead to frequent breakdowns and malfunctions of electrical devices. Users have problems with various types of faults. After that, they deal with electric wheelchair troubleshooting.

It even happens that a person is stuck in his chair even in the middle of the road. This is stressful. I advise you to be guided at least a little in the breakdowns that occur. Based on my descriptions, you will be able to navigate and cope on the road. I have written them at a table for better orientation.

Problem Cause Solution
Battery status


Discharge, battery failure, or reduced performance. Charge the battery, or replace it with a more powerful one.
Joystick A disconnected power supply or disconnected joystick cable may cause the vehicle not to turn on. Check the cable and its connection. Maybe turn on the power.
Freewheel levers The engine does not run with the unlocked jazzy power chair levers behind the wheels. Pay attention to drive mode.

Lock the levers for manual driving and switch to automatic mode.

Garbage in the wheels The wheels may not turn, causing the vehicle to stop. Clean the dirt between the wheels. I would recommend doing such cleaning regularly.

Over time, no matter how much you respect your vehicle, you may face the problem of replacing parts. Wear and tear can cause stops and malfunctions. Loose forks or bent wheels can cause machine failure. Then you put yourself in danger. You should contact the professionals immediately. Nevertheless, first, learn some tips on resetting your vehicle. They will be needed at an unexpected stop on the road.

How to Reset a Transport? – Beneficial Tips

Sometimes, driving in the rain or wear of parts can damage the system. Often, resetting helps to get rid of the problem. After arriving home, you can go to the specialists and consult about the issue and neutralizing it. However, saving the situation for a while is important, right? Where is the reset button on a power chair, and how does it all happen?

Why Doesn't Your Wheelchair Wor


The first thing you need to do is check the charge. The reason you have been looking for so long sometimes lies in the simplest. After all, your chair will not go far with a discharged battery. Therefore, if you have red glowing normally then everything is okay. Your device is charging. If this color flashes, power outages are the cause.

The ‘Reset’ button will help to restore. All you have to do is press and hold the button for a few seconds. The device will switch off accordingly. Then do the same, and the device should turn on.

Where to find it? I must disappoint you that not all chairs have such a magic button. If you want to check your chair for it, look near the circuit breaker. It is near the battery mostly always.


Not every chair user knows what the levers behind the wheels mean. Almost every power chair is designed so that the owner can manually control it. These levers are used for this task. If you switch them, you will stop the automatic control, and the brake system will turn off. Try switching levers several times to restart. This way will disengage the motors and reset the chair. In addition, such hand levers help with many problems on the road, such as battery discharge.


Sometimes, the battery connectors wobble under the influence of various circumstances and times. They may even detach. So, check this feature by unscrewing and removing the frame. Attach the black wire to the negative and the red to the positive. Also, pay attention to the joystick connector and its connection to the motors.

In addition, the chair can be locked. Therefore, you need to turn it on and move the reset joystick controller in your power chair to two beeps. You unlock the chair in this way.

Turning ON

Do not switch on the chair when connected to the mains. You must disconnect it first and then turn it on. If you still forgot, then do a simple manipulation of the key. Turn it off and on again.

If my advice is not useful to you, then it is time to turn to specialists. If you have a professional you know, call him. I think he will give you advice over the phone or come to you.

What Is the Safe Use of a Wheelchair?

What Is the Safe Use of a Wheelchair

Too many people, including the elderly, lose their sense of stability and safety on their own two feet. Any wheelchair adds freedom and mobility. You can move without help. Besides, you can feel comfortable 24/7. However, everyone should use it safely to avoid injury.

  • Read the instructions before using the chair. There you will find all the nuances regarding the proper operation, charging, and safety rules.
  • Fix the chair Comfortable sitting and avoiding back pain depends on the correct fitted wheelchair.
  • Constantly charge your device in case of daily use. Pay attention to electric wheelchair lights flashing. Put it to charge at night, which will get a full battery in the morning. When you see green, then everything is ready.
  • Do not forget about the seat belt. There is a variety of situations on the roads. Therefore, you must buckle up. That way, you do not jump out of the vehicle in case of an accident.
  • Clean your appliances from dirt and keep an eye on them. There may be some signs of corrosion or damage. Try to fix such problems.
  • Contact service. Specialists may see some problems and fix them.

Only proper use and common sense can help keep you safe. After all, many accidents occur on the roads. Many people suffer. I want to see my customers happy. Therefore, I advise you to follow at least basic rules.

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A powered wheelchair comes in handy constantly for people with mobility problems. Often, such persons lie chained to the bed. They need a nanny, a daughter, a brother, a mother, a nurse. Specialized transport simplifies their lives. It allows you to feel like a full member of society. Therefore, everyone needs to know how to reset a jazzy electric wheelchair. In cases that are not clear to you, consult a professional. They will quickly find out the reasons and fix them. I advise you not to procrastinate with resetting, as you may put yourself in danger.