Do you know why the vast majority of specialized scooters have speed restrictions? Individuals who find it difficult to walk alone select these vehicles. They help people move from one place to another, to the meeting, to friends, to work, to the store without assistance. The set speed helps such people always to control their scooters and feel safe. Howsoever, today the popularity of such machines is becoming increasingly substantial. The set limit often needs to be increased. How to speed up a mobility scooter? You will learn the answer to the question from this article. I give some tips to help you achieve what you want. So, let’s go.

How Fast Do Scooters Move

A large number of people enjoy the benefits of mobility scooters. According to research by the University of Fraser Valley, they are most often used by middle-old people. Nevertheless, the modern market proposes many scooters. Not all are the same in their capabilities, speed, and power. Everyone chooses according to their needs. Do you select a 2-class vehicle? It will not exceed a speed of more than four mph. The 3rd class can go faster – 8 mph.

According to the different classes, there are appropriate laws for driving on the roads. What are the rules for mobility scooters? They may differ in various states and countries. Only people with health problems and disabilities are allowed to utilize them.

You will not go on the road on a 2nd class tool, but only on the sidewalk. Personalities older than 14 years can drive on a 3rd class device. You have to register such transport to go on it on the streets. In addition, several features should be considered by the driver of such transport. Failure to comply with certain rules leads to a fine.

Think for yourself if you need to go on the road with your modified mobility scooters. You still do not exceed the speed of passing cars, right? Besides, you risk getting into an accident or creating obstacles to other transport. I once saw cars moving behind the disabled person on a scooter. Everyone, in turn, overtook him, signaled and nervous. Finally, of course, the man saw that he obstructed traffic but could not find a suitable place to park and move to the sidewalk.

Make It Go Faster – Several Effective Ways

The scooter’s speed is not too high. It cannot be much higher than established. The vehicle is not adapted for racing but the more comfortable movement of sick people. You probably understand that feature. However, I often hear how to make a mobility scooter go faster. I sometimes wondered why anyone should do this.

The manufacturers probably thought about the safety of such disabled citizens. There are certain rules for all modes of transport. I was still interested in how to achieve greater speed. You can only speed it up a bit. I will help you learn a few ways if you want to perform that.

What Shall I Do? A Few Tips

Although the chances are small for the most desired result, still, they are. I checked them all, so I give some advice. Of course, I did not get twice the result, but, still accelerated the machine a bit. So, let’s go.

  • Limiters – How to get rid of them?

Of course, they are because such machines are designed for people who cannot walk alone. High speed is not mandatory for most, as it can be harmful. If someone needs it, the question arises, how to remove the speed limiter on a mobility scooter? Have you a minimal knowledge of technique? Then get to work. If not, it is better not to take risks and call a specialist. First, you need to comprehend that after such actions, you will have no guarantee. So, open the instruction for your transport and find the limiter in the case. Carefully unhook it.

  • Is there a problem with the battery? – Improve it.

What to do? If your battery is already half-charged, then you should probably think about recharging. How do you assume? The rapidity of your vehicle much depends on this peculiarity. You can replace the accumulator with a more powerful one. Greater power and capacity will increase the range of mobility scooters. Of course, check if it is suitable for that and look at your capabilities. Alternatively, you may put an extra accumulator, as some scooters allow this. I just added one additional accumulator, and the speed increased.

  • Will rewinding the coil help?

Yes, there is also such a method. It is effective but risky. Why? You should be very careful rewinding the brushed motor coil. After all, you can touch other important parts and thus damage the car. You’ll get more speed as a result. At the same time, the winding per loop speed will be lower. I think this method is one of the most effective mobility scooter speed hacks.

  • What about the service?

Have you not tried to inspect your scooter at least once a month? The battery or other parts may have rusted and need to be restored. The tires are worn out and can no longer provide the required even the set maximum speed. They should be replaced with new ones. So, you should properly check all the parts, even in detail. They may affect the condition of your machine.

  • Excess junk is not something that will add speed

Every driver tries to carry some bags or other things. Some scooters even have special baskets attached. However, anything extra will significantly affect the speed. If your machine is empty, then it will go faster. Therefore, I advise you to deprive it of all excess luggage at a time if you only need to go fast. Often, such procedures are much better than derestrict a mobility scooter.

These or those features can significantly affect the rapidity. Although they are not very helpful, I think you should try. If you want to increase quickness a little bit, you do that. Try to gradually and carefully follow one of my tips first. It would help if you did not do everything at once. This will not immediately lead to the desired effect. Maybe you can’t help yourself without replacing your old scooter with a new one. Often, people face such frustration.

Useful Video

Individuals with health and walking issues or old age are increasingly becoming active users of scooters. Of course, these machines make life easier, but low speed is their significant disadvantage. Not every disabled person is weak enough to move so slowly. Often, the question of mobility scooter speed adjustment is quite relevant among drivers. I hope my tips have been appropriate and useful to you. However, I also advise you to remember about safety. Besides, your changes and settings will no longer renew the warranty on the product. Be careful in your actions or consult a specialist in this field.