Being overweight sometimes becomes a big problem for people who can’t move on their own. And such individuals also often suffer from other viruses, diabetes, and others. Severe obesity impairs immunity, has a bad effect on the heart. Of course, weight control is important. So, this article will help you understand how to weigh someone in a wheelchair at home. After all, not everyone can constantly visit hospitals for such a case.

Do You Need Specialized Scales for Weighing?

According to researchers, people with certain physical disabilities, especially those who cannot walk themselves, suffer from obesity. This problem is more common for such a population than for healthy people. Sure thing, you can understand the reasons. Nevertheless, weighing greatly helps to control weight constantly.

I know many people with walking problems who often worry about their weight. Of course, with obesity, it will be difficult for them to lose extra pounds. They will not be able to go to the gym or have a strict diet. Accordingly, individuals who are prone to obesity should constantly monitor their weight.

I once met on the forum the question ‘how to weigh someone who can’t stand?’ How to do it at home? You won’t be able to ride the chair at the usual scale. In addition, it is not designed for large loads. Not every disabled can safely stand.

Hospitals offer to use specialized scales. They allow you to go in a wheelchair and weigh without problems. However, I don’t think that every disabled person is happy to go to the hospital for weighing all the time, do I? Some individuals even live very far from specialized institutions. Getting there every week or month can be a problem.

how to weigh someone who can’t stand

I can comfort you that not everything is so bad. People with disabilities do not have to go to the hospital for this procedure. The market offers scales with a special built-in chair and scales where you can go on your machine. The difference is whether you can move to another chair on your own or not. So, you can still weigh yourself at home. That’s great, isn’t it?

What Do You Need to Know About Home Scales?

You can buy a different chair scale or wheelchair scale for home use. Such accessories are very useful at home. Why?

  • You save your time by not visiting hospitals often.
  • Save the hours of medical staff, compared to your regular weekly visit.
  • You stay comfortable and convenient in your chair on the wheelchair scale.
  • Everyone can weigh themselves. The weight of the vehicle does not matter. Tare functions and the maintenance of a large load contribute to this feature.
  • The scales are suitable for everyone who does not want to visit specialized hospitals. Some individuals cannot get up from their chairs.
  • They are easy to transport due to their compact size.
  • No matter where you live, you can find a place for it.

One day, I was visiting a nursing home where my aunt lives. I was very surprised when I saw a few scales. That’s great, of course. Pensioners who do not have the strength to get up from their wheelchair can weigh themselves without assistance. You know, the elderly sometimes even weigh themselves for fun. My aunt also told me that she controlled her weight. She even refused the cookies I brought. So, if you have such an opportunity then you can think about buying your weighing tool.

How to Weigh Disabled Person Properly? Beneficial Tips

how to make a wheelchair scale

The weighing process is not that complicated. I think that moving a person to a chair is more difficult. This is especially true regarding weighing immobile patients. You need to understand how it is easier to hold, from which side to approach and how to hug. After all, some people with disabilities are unable to cope without help. They may not have as much strength in their hands to move to another chair. Is there no other scale at home? Let’s understand how to weigh your relative or friend properly.

Weighing on the chair scale:

  • Make the scales inviolable, so that they do not go under the pressure of the patient.
  • Holding the person by the back with one hand and under the knees with the other, lift him/her gently. This will allow you to determine the weight more accurately.
  • Put the person on the chair scale, paying attention to the armrests and footrests. The disabled person must rely on them.
  • If you can move on your own, that’s great. Lift with your hands and sit on the weight.

Weighing on the wheelchair scale:

  • If you know the weight of your chair for a disabled person, then press Tare when you turn on the weight scale. Enter a known value and press hold. After that, you will not be exposed to the weight of the machine.
  • You can find the weight of your chair in the instructions for it, on the package, or on the manufacturer’s website. This way, you don’t have to bother weighing the chair beforehand.
  • Each weight must have a Tare function. You can subtract the weight of the machine by weighing it beforehand. As a result, only your weight will remain.
  • Before you weigh in, you have to turn it on, calibrate the transport, and then drive in.

I would recommend buying a scale so you can weigh yourself right away in your chair. It’s not very convenient to move from chair to chair sometimes, is it? Therefore, wheelchair scales do not cause unnecessary trouble. Besides, you stay in your chair, save time and effort.

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Wrapping Up

Sometimes, we come to understand that we have to control our weight. We gain weight and try to limit ourselves in food or vice versa. People who can’t walk on their own are looking for different ways to weigh at home. Thanks to specialized scales, weighing is not a problem even for such individuals.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit hospitals, then buy one at home. Choose it according to your characteristics and the state of your health. Use my tips on how to make a wheelchair scale with the correct result. I think that weighing even every day will not be a problem with good thought and choice.