The transformation of the automotive industry is driving new working methods within the trade with increased demands on digitization, efficiency and customer journey.

The way we buy cars and mobility is increasingly similar to the way we buy other goods: online, on the customer's terms and with high level of transparency. The demand for service and convenience has never been greater and continues to increase.

The customer's perspective is only one side of the coin. As the customer places higher demands on service at a distance and convenience, opportunities open for the car trade to structure its flows in an optimal way and thereby become even more efficient and more profitable. For the industry, it raises larger questions - how many facilities do we need to have and where do they need to be, how do I coordinate my facilities, my warehouse and my workshop capacity to be as efficient as possible and reach a larger customer group with a unified offer and what should my organizational structure be?

With the help of smart precision logistics as a tool, dealers today have the opportunity to review their business, build unique customer journeys and create fast, efficient flows at reduced cost. In fact, the possibilities have never been greater to succeed in selling and servicing more cars with a smaller workforce, less stress and with more satisfied and loyal customers.

At Today Mobility, we don't believe that everything needs to be managed remotely.

Meeting the customer physically is and will continue to be important in many cases. The important question we believe the car trade needs to ask is
”When is it relevant to meet the customer?”

By getting the customer to come into the facility when it is relevant and manage other flows with the help of efficient logistics, you create:


Maximum customer benefit, which builds loyalty.


Streamlining of sales resources and increased conversion.


Opportunity to professionalize and streamline all your flows. When the customer does not need to enter the facility themselves, you can create even flow and efficient processes without requiring customer management at every stage in your facilities.


At Today Mobility, we have developed structured products for all of a retailer's transportation needs where precision is required. Below we show what we can help a retailer with based on their respective departments:

New car sales

Used Sales


Rental, Service agreement & Vehicle subscription

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Test Drive at Home

Home Delivery

Pickup at Home


Private Purchase

Car Swap

Internal Logistics

Pickup and Delivery for Workshop

Managed Services

Long Distance: Express

Long Distance: Truck with precision


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