Pickup and Delivery

Pickup and Delivery

Direct workshop vehicles to the right facility and at the right time to create an even flow in the workshop. And get satisfied, loyal customers.

Workshops often have a challenge that customers want to drop off the car in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon. Wheel change workshops have problems with large spikes during short periods of the year, such as when the first snow comes, and inspection facilities have problems with big peaks at certain times during the month.

The problem of uneven distribution is something that many workshops share. With too many staff at certain times and too little at other times profitability suffers and staff sometimes experience unnecessary stress in their everyday lives. The customer often has to stand in a queue, finds it difficult to find parking and difficult to plan their day. If you try to upsell something to the customer at the same time, it can be difficult.

By coming home to the customer or to work, you open up the customer's calendar. Then the workshop can decide which day, time and even which facility will perform the work on the car. Then you can distribute the work evenly between your facilities, increase your efficiency and revenue per workshop lift and mechanic. In addition, you often get a very satisfied and loyal customer who is not stressed and then often also more interested in upselling.

Benefits of Pickup and Delivery
Satisfied, loyal customers

Responds effectively to new, modern customer needs

Steering & even flow

Direct the cars to the right facility at the right time

Increased profitability

Possibility of more efficient process in the workshop

Additional sales

Better upselling ability when the customer is not stressed

Customer Journey



By asking the customer the question "Where and when should we pick up your car", you open up the customer's calendar for when the car is due to visit the workshop. Suddenly, more dates are possible and it is often also possible to pick up and drop off cars evenly throughout the day to get an even distribution in the workshop.

The customer may have different needs for a pickup and delivery service, for example depending on the work to be carried out on the car. In some cases want the customer does not enter the facility at all and in other cases the customer wants to be present either upon arrival at the workshop or upon return of the car. Another common question is whether the customer needs a courtesy car.

Book one-way pick-up and/or return, book continuous pickup & delivery for shorter jobs up to 20 minutes (the driver then remains waiting while the work is carried out) or combine collection and return of a courtesy car in the same order. Whichever service is chosen, Today Mobility's driver arrives in a specified 1-hour window at the customer which allows the customer to plan their day and the workshop to control when the car should arrive.



Today Mobility's driver comes to the customer in the booked 1-hour pick-up window. For consistent pickup and delivery orders, the return is pre-booked, the workshop has often settled in advance with the customer regarding work and work orders. Should the customer have one loan/rental car, the driver collects it in advance to be able to hand over the rental car to the customer at the appointed time. Here, too, we establish one process together with the workshop for handover and documentation of the rental car.

Today Mobility then drives the car to the right workshop and at the appointed time. Once at the workshop, the driver has specific instructions for where we will park, manage key handover, etc. - everything so that the process will be smooth.



The workshop handles payment and review of the work directly with its customer, in many cases over the phone before the return takes place. When picking up the car at the workshop, the driver takes any required documentation etc. for the work carried out, which is handed over to the customer along with the vehicle.

If the customer has a loan/rental car, it is picked up in connection with the return of the customer's car, after which it is driven back to the workshop.


Daily planning for the workshop

As part of Today Mobility's system, each workshop receives a day planning tool where the workshop sees incoming and outgoing cars for every day with real-time status. In this way, the workshop always has an updated picture of when the cars come in and when they will be returned and can thus plan their work for the day.

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