Test Drive at home

Test Drive at home

Test drive is often the most important point of conversion. Meeting customers on their terms has never been more important

Test drive of a new car is something that should be enjoyable for the customer, but unfortunately this isn't always the case. It is also something that should be more profitable for the car dealer than it often is. The traditional way of buying a car where the customer visits a car dealership for test drive on the weekend together with the family no longer suits everyone and in many cases is a weaker sales process for both end customer and seller.

Letting the customer test drive the car at home with an independent, specially-trained driver creates a safe environment for the customer, reduces the number of demo vehicles needed and creates warm leads for the seller who can contact interested customers after the test drive.

Benefits of Test Drive at home
Improved customer journey

Meet the customer on their terms

Increased conversion

>90% would like to be contacted by a sales person

Resource optimisation

3-6 test drives per vehicle per day

Variable cost structure

No fixed costs

Customer Journey


Own research

The potential car buyer does their own research online, speaks to friends, reads tests, etc.


Shortlist 2-3 models

The buyer has decided on a segment and price range and often chooses between two to three car models. The buyer makes contact with the dealership - the test drive is often the trigger for conversion to sale.


Independent test drive at home

The test drive is an important moment. The potential car buyer has not yet decided and is often at a information disadvantage versus the seller - something that can feel unsettling to some buyers. Being able to test the car in a safe environment, at a time that suits them and together with an independent & specially-trained driver creates trust. Trust converts.

The customer can test drive the car in their local area, test whether the pram or golf bag fits and has the opportunity to ask all their questions. Our driver ensures that all the functions and features of the car are explained according to the car dealer's instructions. After the test drive is complete, the seller receives information about how the test drive went and whether the potential buyer wants a follow-up call to discuss.


Only warm leads

If the potential buyer wants to be contacted by a salesperson, a warm lead from Today Mobility is sent to the correct salesperson who can contact the customer and close the deal. At this stage, the car buyer feels safe and educated and has interest in discussing what should be included the purchase.

If the car buyer does not want to be contacted, the car dealer has likely a satisfied future customer who will also recommend friends and colleagues to contact the car dealer.

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