Home Delivery

Home Delivery

Cars today are amazing products - they are absolutely ready for e-commerce.

Cars today are great products, they have extensive warranties and they don't break down and the customers know it. To be able to safely buy a new or slightly used vehicle online is completely possible today - provided that the car dealer's customer journey maintains the highest quality throughout the entire process.

Today Mobility has developed a sophisticated home delivery product for new and used cars that significantly streamlines the modern car dealership's sales process and distribution with equivalent and in many cases even increased customer satisfaction.

Through our home delivery product, a car dealer can reach the entire country as a market and offer all customers a consistent customer journey and delivery with the highest precision. Each home delivery includes an onboarding and review of the car where our drivers help the customer connect their phone, install any apps, go through how to refuel ad blue or charge the car, etc. - all by a specialist trained driver. In addition to our regular home delivery product, there is also the option to customize both the content and the amount time we spend with the end customer to meet specific customer journey requirements for a car manufacturer or dealer.

If the car has been sold in another city, we make sure that the car drives as short a distance as possible on its own wheels and that the long part of the transport is on truck. Of course, it is the same specialist trained personnel who carry out the actual delivery to the customer and with the same high standards precision even when parts of the assignment are on truck. As a customer, you book a fixed delivery window on a specific day for your customer so that the end customer can plan their day.

Through the entire delivery, the seller has total control over what happens through digital systems and real-time updates. We enable a completely seamless digital and physical customer journey and create closeness between buyers and sellers even though they never meet in person. For instance, the seller of the vehicle receives a real-time communication when our driver has completed the delivery to then be able to contact the customer and confirm that everything went well. In this way, you keep your customer journey consistent.

Benefits of Home Delivery
Seamless integrated customer journey

Real-time communication about the assignment to the right seller enables a unique remote customer journey

Increased sales efficiency

Enables each salesperson to be able to handle more customers per day without reducing quality

Highest precision

The end customer always receives a precise time window for the delivery

The end customer always receives a precise time window for the delivery

All drivers have home delivery certification and in some cases also brand certification

Customer Journey


The buyer finds their dream car

The potential car buyer has found the car they want to buy through online research. But there is a small problem, the car is not in the same city as the customer, or the customer does not have the opportunity to collect the car himself.


Fast delivery to or close to the customer

The customer is offered home delivery digitally or by a salesperson over the phone. Delivery can be made next day if it is in a hurry - in which case the car is driven all the way to the customer on its own wheels, long or short-distance. If the customer is in another city and can wait a few days, they can book a home delivery for a flat rate with a delivery window on a specified day. The vehicle is then transported by truck long-distance and a specialist trained driver drives the car the last mile to deliver the vehicle to the customer.

In cases where the dealer has a facility in the same city as the customer lives in and the customer would rather meet a salesperson physically - then the vehicle can be transproted to the correct facility on a specified day in the near future.


Charging, refueling & washing enroute

If the car needs to be driven a longer distance to the customer's home and needs to be charged, refueled or have an external wash, our drivers go via the last petrol station/facility on the road to ensure the car is delivered charged, fueled and clean. We only do this if we have our customer's consent.

Today Mobility only charges a small administrative fee for our work and invoices the actual cost of charging, refueling or washing. Everything is reported line by line with supporting information on your invoice.


Traceability & unique seamless customer journey

Deliveries with Today Mobility are fully traceable and we communicate the status of the delivery with the person who ordered the home delivery in real time via our systems. Each seller can also receive a real-time notification about the cars for which they have booked home delivery - for example, a real-time notification that the home delivery has been completed to be able to follow up that everything went well. Of course, we will also notify you in immediately if something does not go according to plan.

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