Private Purchase

Private Purchase

Have us perform a test drive and verify the vehicle's condition right at the customer. Transfer the money to the customer and get the car delivered to the correct facility.

In today's digital world, it is easy for private customers and dealers to get a valuation for the car they want to sell. Beyond competitive price, it makes high demands on speed and an efficient process to secure purchases.

With Today Mobility's product Private purchase, we can come out to the selling private person the very next day to verify the condition of the car so that you can carry out the transaction in real time remotely at the customer's place. We then transport the car to the correct facility where it can be prepared and sold. At the time of booking, you have the option to upload a protocol for what the buyer and seller do private person has agreed on the condition of the car. On the day of pick-up, Today Mobility's specialist trained drivers will have bring this protocol with you and spend 30 minutes at the customer for a test drive and verification of the condition of the car to ensure that it is in line with what has been agreed upon. After the test has been carried out, the driver gives feedback to the correct buyer, who then carries out the process the transaction in real time so that the customer receives their money immediately and the driver can drive the car to its destination.

As a trader, you receive a fixed price directly for the assignment from the customer's address to all your respective facilities so you can control the cars to the right place with the right calculation.

Benefits of Private Purchase

Close the deal quickly and avoid price negotiation


Distribute the vehicle to the correct facility - wither where it needs to be fixed or where the next buyer is

Improved Customer Journey

Many customers expect this service today

Guaranteed delivery throughout the country

Seamlessly integrated customer journey

Customer Journey


Close the deal

The selling customer comes into contact with you as a car dealer, usually digitally or over the phone. You agree on the condition of the car as at the time of pick-up will be verified by Today Mobility's driver. You settle on a price and decide which time and place suits the seller for when the car is to be picked up. When booking, you have the opportunity to upload your own protocol for the car's condition such as Today Mobility's driver will be available on the day of pick-up.

Already here, you have almost closed the deal with the customer.


Choose where the car is to be transported

The dealer decides where the car is going depending on what is to be done with the car - if there is a buying customer already in another city, the repaired, prepared and photographed, is it perhaps full at the nearest facility?

Fixed price is shown directly when booking for all options to be able to count on the deal being profitable.


Choose on own wheels or truck

Often the most important thing is to get out to the customer quickly to close the deal. After that, it is not always in such a hurry. If the car needs to be transported a longer distance to another city, Today Mobility's local driver can collect the car from the seller the very next day and drive it to our nearest hub. From the hub, the car is then transported by truck to the next city, from where the car is then driven the last distance to the booked facility. You still only make one booking for the entire assignment with a fixed day when the car arrives at the next facility, only a few days away.


Pickup from seller

Today Mobility's specialist trained drivers carry the pre-filled protocol that you uploaded at the time of booking. The driver do a review of the car according to your protocol including a test drive of the car and then report back to the right buyer whether the condition is consistent with what was agreed upon.

The buyer decides on the transaction and sends the money directly to the seller, who receives the money in the account in real time. The driver finishes the assignment by driving the car to its destination.

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