Long-distance Transport


Long-distance transports with short lead times and highest delivery precision - on own wheels or in combination with truck

Sometimes cars need to be moved a long distance. If you are really in a hurry, we offer our Express service as we drive the car all the way on its own wheels, often the very next day. For longer assignments that can wait a few days, we use truck transport for the long distances between cities and handle the local logistics for pickup and delivery with our own specialist trained drivers. That way we can ensure the same delivery precision for long-haul assignments as for our local services, so that automotive customers can book one specific hour on a specific day for pickup or delivery of their car.

Benefits of Long-distance

Express service next day

Delivery accuracy

The end customer can book a specific time for collection or delivery at another city

Sustainable alternative

Vehicles transported locally on their own wheels. Full trucks between fixed destinations

Guaranteed delivery throughout the country

Seamlessly integrated customer journey

Customer Journey



Sometimes there is a rush to pick up or deliver a car. The fastest is always to drive the car on its own wheels all the way to or from the customer. A specialist trained driver drives the car all the way between the customer and the facility, often the very next day. For longer distances is this the more expensive, but quicker service.


Truck combination with precision

There are three applications for when Long-distance assigments utilising a truck may be needed: Long-distance Pickup at Home, Long-distance Home Delivery and Long Distance Logistics.

Long-distance Pickup at Home: Today Mobility's driver picks up the car locally from the dealer or customer with the precision specified when booking, down to a one-hour pick-up window the very next day. The car is driven to our nearest hub where a truck transports long haul to the hub closest to the destination. The final transport locally from the hub to the destination facility is done by Today Mobility's driver.

Long-distance Home Delivery: Today Mobility's driver collects the car locally from dealers or central warehouses. The car is driven to our nearest hub where a truck transports long haul to the next hub. The home delivery is then made locally to the end customer by Today Mobility's driver in the next city with the precision specified at the time of booking, down to a one-hour delivery window.

Long-distance logistics: Works as the services above, but the transport is between the merchant's own facilities in different cities and there is no end customer at one end.

All orders are traceable throughout the assignment.


Solution for central warehouse and 'virtual stock'

For dealers who want to establish a Central Warehouse for new or used cars in a strategic location in the country, the cars can quickly and efficiently transported to the merchant's various facilities or all the way to the customer's home with short lead times and the highest precision and only a few extra kilometers on the odometer.

Today Mobility's long distance services also enable a solution for Virtual Stock. This means that you as a trader can make available all cars in stock for all customers in the country - even those located at facilities in other locations. With fast, high-precision transport can the car be transported to the nearest facility or all the way to the customer's home with short lead times and the highest precision and only a few extra kilometers on the odometer.


Fast, easy and traceable

For all long-distance assignments, including thos combining truck, you place a single booking. The assignments are then traceable in real time and the booking party can choose to receive real-time communication throughout the order - such as when a delivery is made or if something unexpected happened on the way. In this way, you can control the entire customer journey.

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