Our Drivers

Our Drivers

Our drivers are the face of our business.

Our drivers are our most important asset - they are the ones who meet the vehicle owner in several of the most important moments during their vehicle ownership. Our drivers' primary task is to deliver a unique customer experience - every time.

In order to deliver unique customer experiences at scale, anytime, anywhere, our drivers need to feel comfortable and have everything they need. That is why we have put a lot of focus from day one on building a long-term sustainable and scalable driver model. Our driver model has been our central starting point when building our entire business. Over the years, we have prioritised build technology and processes to create a positive, stress-free, well-paid, varied everyday work life for our drivers.

Today Mobility's driver model is about being able to invest long-term in each individual driver.

All drivers are employed by us and they are trained and certified to handle different types of assignments. They start with simpler assignments, often without customer contact, and then undergo further training to reach new certification levels. The higher the certification level, the more varied & complex the assigments. We believe in "less is more" - that it is better to have fewer specialist trained drivers who deliver more assignments per shift than having a large network of drivers moving only one vehicle per shift. Our drivers feel comfortable with this model and stay for a long time - many have been with us for years and delivered thousands of vehicles.

Before employment, all drivers undergo a thorough recruitment process, reference check, background verificiation and driving test.

We believe that this is how you create a good work environment and that this is why Today Mobility's drivers are so appreciated by both clients and end customers. As a driver, you get to enjoy yourself, develop your skills and take responsibility. And you have fun.


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