Internal Logistics

Internal Logistics

Send, order and request cars digitally between your facilities - one or many cars in the same booking, all in one click. Order until 5pm, next day delivery.

Practically all parts of the car trade have a great need to quickly and cheaply transport cars with full traceability between internal facilities and staging areas.

The reason for the transfer can be many - for instance, it is full at a certain facility, the car that has been handed in for repair has been dropped off by the customer at the 'wrong' facility and needs to be moved to a 'correct' facility, or there may be a potential buyer who wants to see at a car at their local dealership.

Being able to book one or many vehicle digitally with one click between your facilities with rapid transport and real-time digital tracking showing exactly where the cars are creates efficiency and control.

Through Today Mobility's system, car dealerships can send cars, order cars and also request cars between their facilities. Each team or department at each facility that will be able to send or receive cars has its unique instruction for how Today Mobilitys drivers must pick up and drop off cars - all to create an efficient process.

Bookings are made until 17.00 for delivery the very next day. Each facility and/or department has its own day planner where they see the day's incoming and outgoing cars with real-time status so that staff can plan their day.

Benefits of Internal Logistics
Reduce lead time days

Click cars between facilities - next day delivery

Traceability and efficiency

Send, order or request cars digitally. Day planner for incoming and outgoing cars

Total control

Complete control of the processes and flows you require between your facilities

Digital tracking

All transports are visible and fully traceable

Customer Journey


The customer returns their leased car

After three years, the customer returns their leased car at their "home facility". There it stands in the way and needs to be moved quickly to the right facility where it must be prepared, possibly serviced and repaired and photographed before it can be sold again.

Each connected facility has its own login to our web portal where the services can be booked - with one click. Here you can too see which cars are inbound and which are outbound during a single day. You see in real time where the vehicle is and when it is expected to arrive.


Send vehicle

The facility where the car is located sends the car, along with any other cars that also need to be transported to the same facility the next day to prepare for the next sale. This is done with one click - for one or many cars. Reservations made before 5 p.m. are processed the following day.

With fast digital transport, the average number of inventory days is reduced on a pervasive level. And instead of themselves transport or follow up on where your cars are, the facility staff can focus on their regular tasks.


Order or request the car for the next buyer

Once at the next facility, the car is put in order. Should another facility have an interest in the car and need to get it done sooner a request can be made to the system. It is then seen by the workshop staff who prepare the car, who can prioritize it and then on their side of the system indicate when it is ready. The booking is then formalized and the request becomes an order. A plant can also of course placing a completely normal order for a car from another facility.

Usually, the above flow can take one or more weeks in waiting time for transport. With Today Mobility's solution, you minimize the number lead time days and can plan your workshop work.


Internal invoicing

Being able to measure costs internally is important. Through Today Mobility, invoice flows can be tailored according to each car dealer's regulations that the cost ends up right internally.

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