Car Swap

Car Swap

With Car Swap, we deliver a new car to the customer and sure that the old one is returned to the correct facility - all in one click.

New concepts for how customers buy mobility, as an alternative to buying a car, are gaining more and more impact on the market. Fixed monthly cost, short holding period, completely worry-free and no worries about residual value are what attract more and more customers. You might have one basic need for a certain car model, but want to be able to switch to another car for a certain period, such as for the ski holiday.

When the customer does not own their car, it opens up new possibilities in combination with precision logistics. As a rental car company or subscription service, you can then manage a sale of the car remotely even when it is parked at the customer's or you can offer your customer the opportunity to change cars during a period.

With Car Swap, you can set up an efficient flow and create an improved customer journey. You ensure that the right new car is picked up from a facility and driven to the customer at the booked time. The customer meets a specialist trained driver who does an onboarding of the new car. The driver also carries a checklist for the collection of the old car to ensure that everything arrives as it should, such as car keys, documentation, any winter tires etc. The old car is then transported to the correct facility.

Benefits of Car Swap

Ensure the correct handling of each car


Ensure the customer always has the right car and that return vehicles arrive at the correct facility

Efficiency and increased profitability

Correct handling of each car and an efficient flow between own facilities, partners and customers

Seamless customer journey

Meet the customer on their terms

Customer Journey


Booking with customer

In case a customer wants to exchange a rental car or if the car the customer is renting is to be sold or repaired, you can book a Car Swap. The customer determines the time and place for delivery of the new car and collection of the old one.

The rental car company or the subscription service decides where the old car will be driven depending on what will be done with it - available a buyer already, is the car going back to its own parking lot or is it going to a workshop for repair?


Collection of new car

The facility from which the new car is to be picked up ensures that the car is prepared and ready for delivery prior to collection. Facility see the car in their day planner under outgoing cars for the day so they can plan.

At the appointed time, Today Mobility's driver will come to pick up the car for delivery to the customer.


Delivery of the new car and collection of an old one

The new car is delivered at the booked time and place to the customer by a specialist trained driver who does an onboarding with the customer. The driver also has a simpler checklist to make sure everything arrives as it should for the old car.


Steering to the right facility

If the old car is to be driven to a nearby facility, the driver drives the car there directly.

If the car needs to be transported a longer distance to another city, Today Mobility's driver can drive the car to our nearest hub. From the hub, the car is then transported by truck to the next city, from where the car is then driven the last distance to the booked facility. You put still only one booking for the whole assignment with a fixed day when the car arrives at the next facility, only a few days away.

The receiving facility can see the real-time status of the car when the car is on its way through our systems so they can plan their work.

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