Collection with checklist at the end of the leasing period. Steer the car to the right facility.

It's no secret that the used trade is run with a focus on lead time days, turnover rate, efficient processes and cost optimization.

A common problem today is that customers, at the end of the leasing period, return their car to the facility that they feel they belong to to. After that, the car must be prepared, perhaps serviced and repaired, and then sold again - a flow that drives multiple transports and lead time days when the car arrives at the "wrong" facility and must then be repaired at another. There is often also a problem with lack of parking while the car is in the wrong facility waiting for transport.

By including collection at the customer's home at the end of the lease period, de-fleet, you ensure that the car is driven directly to the right facility. A specialist trained driver carries out a simple checklist at the customer's location to ensure that car keys, documentation, any winter wheels etc. will be returned.

Benefits of de-fleet
Cost savings

Minimise the number of unnecessary transports, storage problems and lead time days


Make sure all vehicles get to the right facility right away

Improved customer journey

Many customers expect this service today

Guaranteed delivery throughout the country

Seamlessly integrated customer journey

Customer Journey


The customer decides the time and place

The customer will be contacted to plan the return of the car at the end of the leasing period. A day and time that suits the customer is determined for the pickup. The customer is asked to prepare everything that must be included in the car in connection with the return, such as car keys, documentation, etc.


Choose where the car is to be transported

The dealer or lessor decides where the car will be driven depending on what is to be done with the car - is there a customer ready to purchase in another city, should it be serviced, repaired, prepared and photographed, is it perhaps full at the nearest facility? The facility that is selected can in turn see the status of the car in real time and when it is planned to be delivered and can then efficiently plan its work.


Choose on own wheels or truck

Usually the car must be returned to a nearby facility, but sometimes a car must be returned to a completely different city.

If the car needs to be transported a longer distance to another city, Today Mobility's local driver can collect the car from the customer and drive it to our nearest hub. From the hub, the car is then transported by truck to the destination vity, from where the car is then driven the last mile to the facility. You still only make one booking for the entire assignment with a fixed day when the car arrives on the next one facility, only a few days away.


Pickup from customer's location

Today Mobility's drivers have a simple checklist with them at the time of pickup to ensure that we get everything from the customer, such as winter tires, documentation, charging cable, etc. In the pickup assignment, the driver also has access to contact details for the correct person who booked the transport in case the seller has any questions.

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