OEM & National Sales Company

OEM & National Sales Company

Agent agreement & increased centralization. A new distribution model is emerging, which places high demands on digitization, efficiency and control in order to function.

Car brand after car brand is switching to the agent model. Early electric OEMs have shown how a new distribution model of sales direct to customer can create lower distribution costs per vehicle sold. However, selling cars in a completely new way places great demands on management and control as well as close cooperation with agents and partners.

Today Mobility has developed a complete product portfolio over several years to help the market meet tomorrow's needs. We have always had the automotive industry's customers as our starting point, with a focus on being able to deliver a uniform national service. We offer levels of customization per product so that each OEM or National Sales Company can build their own unique customer journey in line with their customer values. Combined with our simple digital systems, we provide total control for the flows that relate to all the vehicle's needs.

Gain total control and governance over customer journeys and flows with precision logistics.

At Today Mobility, we have identified two components that we believe are important to succeed with its agent model - both towards the end customer and towards its agents and partners:

  • Customer journey: In a digital world, the customer demands a simple, transparent, uniform digital customer journey combined with a large measure of built-in closeness between customer and agent - even when the relationship is managed in whole or in part remotely.
  • Control, governance & process: Agents and partners need clear, well-functioning processes and regulations in order to their conversion must be efficient and profitable, which places high demands on management and control from the OEM & National Sales Company's side for it to work.

Precision logistics with total traceability helps in both these areas:


Nationally uniform customer journey with built-in proximity

Reach all customers with the same precision and offer. Using real-time traceability, you can establish processes for exactly when in the customer journey you want to be in contact with your customer


Control over all flows

By centralizing all flows with complete traceability, you unlock total overview and control



Ability to steer the vehicles with the right precision to the right facility so that agents and partners get even occupancy and well-functioning processes


At Today Mobility, we have developed structured products for all transport needs of a general agent where precision is required. Below we show what we can help a general agent with based on the different stages of the vehicle's life cycle:

New car sales


Defleeting & Return

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