Subscription and long-term rental

Subscription and long-term rental

More and more customers are attracted to having a fixed monthly cost, completely worry-free and short holding time. Such a model generates high demand for centralisation and control of vehicle flows.

When the customer no longer wants to own their car, but instead buys mobility through a car subscription or long-term car rental, it opens up open up completely new opportunities to work smartly and profitably. When the customer no longer wants to visit the physical facility, the car subscription service or the rental car company can decide everything. Which car the customer should have, where it should be picked up from, where and when it should be serviced and repaired, how long the car should be in operation before it is time to sell it on and what should happen when the customer terminates his subscription.

This model combined with precision logistics provides total control and enables efficient processes for how the car should be handled. It also increases the negotiating position in procurements of collaboration partners such as workshop services, remarketing etc. as the volume can be controlled with total precision.

The customer who buys a worry-free car subscription really only has one requirement - they place high demands on the customer journey, that car ownership is completely worry-free and that there are no unexpected surprises.

Centralize all flows and give the customer a single point of contact for everything related to the car

At Today Mobility, we have developed a complete "cockpit solution" where a centralized customer center and / or logistics team can manage all their customers remotely for everything related to the car. Does a new car need to be delivered, does the customer need to change cars, does a car need to go to the workshop, has customer has completed his subscription? With total precision, a specialist trained driver comes out at the right time and place to the customer and ensures that the car arrives at the right location.

With the inclusion of precision logistics for all flows related to the car, you enable the following:


A completely worry-free car ownership

Satisfied and loyal customers who stay for a long time


Efficient, well-functioning, profitable organization

When all flows are centralized, a small organization can have digital control and handle large volumes


Total steering and control

Enables total control over which parts you choose to do internally and which services are to be outsourced. Ability to redirect flows at short notice if necessary


At Today Mobility, we have developed structured products for all transport needs of a car subscription or long-term car rental operator where precision is required. Below we show what we can help you with based on the different stages in the car's life cycle:

New car sales


Returns & Defleeting

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Test Drive at Home

Home Delivery

Pickup at Home


Private Purchase

Car Swap

Internal Logistics

Pickup and Delivery for Workshop

Managed Services

Long Distance: Express

Long Distance: Truck with precision


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